Secure, efficient and legal clinical messaging for health professionals

Simple Solutions

Vleep is a mobile consult app making clinical messaging for patient care more secure, safe and efficient. 

Optimised Workflow

Vleep is designed by health professionals for health professionals. We make clinical communication easier than ever.

Top Security

Vleep is designed for security and patient confidentiality.

No clinical data is stored on personal devices.

Our secure servers are used as temporary storage only - once you have finished a consult - all clinical data is deleted from our servers and sent to the patient medical records - where it should be!


Making clinical communication amazingly simple

The Clinical Messaging Problem

It's messy, inefficient, incomplete and risky

Today, most health professionals in Australia will use personal mobile device messaging in clinical care e.g. Whatsapp, as the fastest method and most efficient method of communication.


There are critical problems that commonly accompany this widespread use:

  No formal consent recorded

  No secure messaging or storage used

  Inefficient transfer of information to patient file

  Health information remaining on personal devices

  Not compliant with any of the relevant laws and guidelines

⊗  High medico-legal risk for clinicians 

The Vleep Solution

By health professionals, for health professionals

Vleep is a mobile consult app for all health professionals, which allows a user to record or communicate health information securely and efficiently on their personal devices before transferring information to a designated health record. 


Vleep's focus is the often-overlooked ‘last mile’ interaction in health communication, developed for individual practitioners in mind, not just hospitals and practices. Message any health practitioner at any location, any time.

Vleep also provides complete enterprise solutions for tailored features and direct integration into eMR databases and tailored features.


The Vleep Team

Local focus, global vision

Vleep's team comprises of health, business and IT professionals with experience in specialist, hospitalist and community care, as well as business and app development. Vleep is currently based in Sydney, Australia. We care about this problem because it affects our clinical practice, our efficiency as health professionals and most importantly the safety of our patients.


We are are affiliated with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of General Practitioners, Australian College of Emergency Medicine and Harvard University. We have experience developing mobile app and database solutions for major government organisations and financial clients including the Australian Tax Office, Commonwealth Bank Australia and Grow Super.

Dr. Trung Nghia Ton



Dr. Kieran Dang


Chief of Operations

Dr. Ludi Ge (Dermatology)


Clinical Lead

Sudeep Desaraju

B Comm/Law

Chief Financial Officer

Trungtin Ton

Bachelor of IT

CTO - Database

Amal Paul

B Comm/B Econ

CTO - Product


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